Kings Canyon and Sequoia Forest

1998.7.4 Japanese US National Park Page

I had a one-day shot trip to Kings Canyon and Sequoia Forest, very beautiful and wonderful National Parks in USA, though a little less famous than Yosemite.

SanLuiDam.jpg (62248 ???)

This lake is located just at the middle of the way to Kings Canyon and and Sequoia Forest from my home. The lake is artificial one,  made by San Lui Dam and looked thick blue.

SanLuiDam2.jpg (52347 ???)

This photo is the opposite side of above one. The building that you can see beyond the small island is an electric power plant, I think. There were some squirrels and wild rabbits around the visitor center of this lake, but unfortunately I missed taking a picture of those(^^;.

GeneralGrantTree.jpg (29986 ???)

This is General Grant Tree, one of the biggest sequoia trees,   located at the entrance area of Kings Canyon, though a little bit dark and difficult to see it as I took it in the early morning. It had a very wide trunk, is very tall and is about 2000 years old.

GeneralGrantTreeTop.jpg (60213 ???)

The top of the tree is as shown in  the photo on the left. Grown-up sequoias don't have leaves and branches at its lower part.

Mountains.jpg (56054 ???)

This is the view from vista point close to  the General Grant Tree. The mountains over there have some snow on their top.

KingsCanyon.jpg (53998 ???)

This is an overlook of Kings Canyon, after I drove further. The white lines like strings that you can see are the rivers from mountains, probably from snow.

KingsCanyon2.jpg (65570 ???)

I drove close to Kings Canyon. I took this steep rock mountain picture just from the road. Really majestic.

KingsCanyon3.jpg (70015 ???)

I drove down a little and looked up the mountain. Very good picture though my digital camera is a little bit old. What to take a picture of is still very important.(^^;

KingsCanyon4.jpg (70923 ???)

This is the river that you saw like a string  in the third previous picture. It was really swift current, as this year we have much more rain and snow than usual. Someone was fishing there, but I wondered if they got something.

KingsCanyon5.jpg (66548 ???)

This is a small fall, from a big rock. The amount of water  is not so much, but a very beautiful scene.

KingsCanyon6.jpg (61038 ???)

This is really dynamic fall. I was as if I had been caught in a shower when I walked close to the fall. I took this photo from the right side where I didn't have much splash.

KingsCanyon7.jpg (71596 ???)

This is a yellow flower besides the road to Kings Canyon. The bottom of the flower seemed as if it were a cactus, so it might be a cactus. There were some those flowers on the sunny places in the canyons.

HumeLake.jpg (57644 ???)

We went ahead to Sequoia Forest from Kings Canyon. This photo is Hume Lake on the way. There were many people and fully featured camping facilities. I would like to have a camp there in the near future.

Sequoia.jpg (91523 ???)

Finally I arrived at Sequoia Forest. There were much more sequoias there than at the entrance of Kings Canyon.

The tree in this photo is General Sherman Tree. It's a little bigger than General Grant Tree and about 2300-2700 years old.

You will easily notice how big it is as you can compare the tree with people in the photo.

Sequoia2.jpg (95004 ???)

This is a little fall or water flow in the Sequoia Forest.

Sequoia3.jpg (110570 ???)

This is the overlook of  a sequoia tree from a little distance. You will notice how tall it is as you can see two people in the right of this photo.

Sequoia4.jpg (97753 ???)

The man in front of sequoia is me. I thought I could almost live there.

Sequoia5.jpg (103356 ???)

A group of sequoia. How great !

Sequoia7.jpg (96631 ???)

I am still wondering about this burned sequoia. There were some this type of burned trees and other trees whose trunks  were a little bit burned. I am not sure yet if it was because of fire or other.

I missed Crystal Cave at this time. I would like to go next time.

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